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How to bet on cockfight

Since cockfighting has always been a popular sport in the Philippines, how do we observe or bet on online cockfighting? This is a technique that every gambler needs to know and you must understand how new players can use these methods to make money, today we have gathered everything for you!

Betting process

- If you go to voslot and select the sports theme, you will find detailed information about this sport here.

- Select the voslot casino website and deposit funds into your account to activate your user.

- Choose a cockfight bet in the sports theme

- Choose a betting room, each room has its own status, like the green room is the room where bets are accepted in preparation for the race. The red room is where bets are suspended and ready for the next round.

- Check the odds to choose a winning red bet, money bet or sweepstakes, the symbols in this section vary from site to site.

-Set the bet amount and click to confirm.

Choose voslot to bet on cockfights

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