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Snooker Betting Exquisite Tournaments

Snooker is a two-player sport that involves hitting coloured balls into pockets on a table. The aim of the game is to earn points, by potting balls into pockets in as few shots as possible. One player hits the white ball, known as the cue ball, with their snooker cue while the other player hits the coloured balls with theirs. In the sport’s earliest days, players would use billiard cues to hit both balls and pockets – hence the term ‘snooker’.

How to bet on snooker

For online snooker betting, the procedure is similar to soccer betting. Snooker is a major sport and most online sports betting sites offer odds all year round. There are several popular types of snooker bets:

  • Snooker Handicap Betting: Online betting sites will offer odds on both scorers for each match.
  • Money Line Snooker bets: This is when you pick the winner of a match. Or predict the outcome of the championship itself.
  • Mixed bets on snooker matches: You can bet on multiple outcomes in one betting slip.
  • Snooker roll betting: The best way to bet is to watch which teams are playing well. After that, place your bets.
  • Billiards Notes : Pre-Bet With this betting method, you can bet on the outcome of a snooker or tournament before the match starts.

How to calculate snooker score?

  • White has 1 ball - no point for hitting another colored ball into the hole. But if you hit a hole, you will give your opponent extra points.
  • Red ball with 15 balls - 1 point
  • Yellow ball with 1 ball - 2 points
  • Green ball with 1 ball - 3 points
  • Brown ball has 1 ball - 4 points
  • Blue ball has 1 ball - 5 points
  • Pink ball has 1 ball - 6 points
  • Black ball has 1 ball - 7 points

HDP Snooker Betting

- FT.HDP : Members choose which side to bet on to win based on the HDP rate, i.e. Red is the superior side and Black is the inferior side.

- FT.O/U : Members choose to bet on the total score of both sides based on specific odds at the end of the match.

- FT.O/ E : Members bet on the total score of both sides after the game, either odd or even.