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Beginners should know before betting on boxing

Today we are going to introduce the history of boxing, which was originally a martial art actually used in warfare. Using the whole body as a weapon we call this weapon Nava, focusing on the eight organs: hands, elbows, knees and feet, and sometimes even on the head. In addition, the attack of a well-trained person. It can be said that all parts of the human body can be used as weapons.

The rules of boxing are very important to every boxer. For boxers, it is very important because the rules are different for each fight. On the voslot website, players can bet on online boxing events with ease and comfort.

You must wear 4 layers of gloves and a boxing suit before going into the ring, i.e. shorts, crown and foot protectors. In a boxing match, there is one referee on stage and two judges on stage, divided into five rounds of three minutes each, with a two-minute break between rounds.

The parts used in the fight are fists, feet, knees, elbows, and can punch, kick, etc.

Before you start betting on boxing you should first understand the language of boxing

Many of you may like to watch boxing, but you may not know the terminology used in boxing matches. If you understand it, you can have more fun in the game.

  • "Jab" This is a powerful punch that represents the jab
  • "Cross" The cross punch is a quick, straight punch thrown with your rear hand (usually the dominant one) toward the opponent’s head, chin and/or temple.
  • "Hook" Hooks are the most powerful punch in boxing, with the ability to end a fight in one shot.
  • "Uppercut" The uppercut moves upward from the body and takes the form of an upward hooking motion.
  • "Duck" A duck is a defensive move to avoid a punch. It’s similar to bobbing, with the head and upper body moving quickly downward and the feet dancing at first.
  • "Shoeshine" It is used primarily to work in close quarters and to hit your opponent quickly with repeated punches.

Place bets on online boxing

  • HDP Handicap is a prediction of which side wins and the odds.
  • / U is bet / bet.
  • / E is an even/odd bet.
  • ML(Money Line) is a winning boxing bet by betting on real time boxing money lines without odds. When a team has a chance to win, the Money Line is less.