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Muay Thai classifications can be divided into the following 19 categories

Muay Thai rules are very important for boxers or fighters who want to kickbox or start with any punch, because every fight has different rules, whether it is weight, clothing, equipment used in the fight.

Stage fighters must wear 4 ounce gloves and boxing gear. That is, wearing shorts, gloves, knee pads, etc., with the upper arm tied with a body shield.

There will be a referee on stage during the boxing match. There are also two scorers on the stage. This will be divided into 5 rounds of 3 minutes each, with a 2 minute break between rounds. According to boxing standards, the organs used in a fight are punches, kicks, knees, elbows and kicks, and each fighter can use any part of his body.

In a Muay Thai fight all fighters are divided into different weight classes. We will explain the weights so you can understand how important this information is for players who have placed a bet on Muay Thai if you master it. It will also help you to get a return on your bets.

Weight classification for boxers:

1. Strawweight (105lbs)

2. Light flyweight (105-108lbs)

3.Flyweight (108-112lbs)

4.Super flyweight (112-115lbs)

5.Bantamweight (115-118lbs)

6.Super bantamweight (118-122lbs)

7.Featherweight (122-126lbs)

8.Super featherweight (126-130lbs)

9.Lightweight (130-135lbs)

10.Light welterweight 135-140lbs)

11.Welterweight (140-147lbs)

12.Light middleweight (147-154lbs)

13.Middleweight (154-160lbs)

14.Super middleweight (160-168lbs)

15.Light heavyweight (168-175lbs)

16.Cruiserweight (175-200lbs)

17.Bridgerweight (200-224lbs)

18.Heavyweight (200lbs or more)

All the categories we mentioned above are current classifications in the boxing game. Each stage sends the best fighters out to fight for the win. Players who want to place bets need to understand the rules and types of boxing matches in order to get an advantage in betting.