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Thailand Lottery

This is the Thai government lottery, also known as the underground lottery, which is one of the most popular lotteries today. The bets are placed through a simple game of guessing numbers. The high hit rate and the high price paid for the game have attracted special attention from fans and the possibility of choosing from a variety of bets makes it easy for people who have never played a lottery before to buy.

Government Lotteries

An underground lottery or government lottery will use the results of the government lottery, which will be considered an "open" bet based on the first prize results. Two spins of the last three digits, two spins of the first three digits, and one spin of the last two digits will count as the "bottom".


  • Top 3 is a simple method of betting on 3 numbers to match the winning number of the first prize.
  • All 3 numbers in the 3 winning numbers (3 big numbers) are the last 3 numbers of the first prize. You can switch positions and bring 3 complete numbers to claim the prize.
  • The first 2 numbers will be bet on the last 2 numbers to match the jackpot. It is the first number of the first prize.
  • 2 small numbers bet on 2 numbers with 2 winning numbers and the last number will win the first prize.
  • The highest payout is for bets on active numbers. This is the third prize. The last number of the first prize will be used to claim the prize.


  • The last 2 digits are wagered on the last 2 digits and the jackpot is claimed by directly matching the last 2 digits.
  • The bottom line is a bet on 1 of the 2 numbers present, 1 of the 2 prizes, and the last 2 numbers win.
  • Back 3 is betting on 3 numbers and directly matching the jackpot of the last 3 numbers to win.

Prize money of the lottery:

  • First Prize, ₱6,000,000
  • Second Prize, ₱200,000
  • Third Prize, ₱80,000
  • Fourth Prize, ₱40,000
  • Fifth Prize, ₱20,000
  • Side Prize, ₱100,000
  • 3-page prize, ₱4,000
  • Last 3 digits of the prize, ₱4,000
  • Bonus for the last 2 digits, ₱2,000

Payout rates

  • First 3 digits | Payout rate 900:1
  • 3 digits | Payout rate 130: 1
  • 2 Large Numbers | Payout Rate 90:1
  • Bottom 2 | Payout rate 90:1
  • Payout rate 3.2:1
  • Operating below | Pay rate 4.2:1

Hanoi lottery

The Hanoi Lottery is becoming increasingly popular with players as it is usually drawn at 6:30 p.m. daily. How much do punters have a chance to win? It depends on the site the player chooses to bet on, as each site offers different rewards. Anyone can bet on the Vietnam lottery if they play online without any hassle. If you follow the steps we have taken this is an easy way to do it.

How to play the Hanoi lottery

The Hanoi Lottery online is generally referred to as a Thai lottery bet, using the reference numbers of the Hanoi Lottery or Vietnam Lottery. It is divided into 3 top numbers, 3 toad numbers, 2 top numbers and the bottom number. The results of the lottery draw are as follows.

All lottery results are as follows

  • First 3 numbers | Payout ratio 900:1
  • 3 toads | payout ratio 135:1
  • 2 large numbers | payout ratio 95:1
  • 2 bottom numbers | payout ratio 95:1
  • Flowing Numbers | Payout Ratio 3.2:1
  • Lower Flowing Number | Payout Ratio 4.2:1

Play the Vietnam Hanoi Lottery or Vietnam Lottery and there will be 1 pair of prizes and 1 special prize, for a total of 27 prizes.

  • 5 special prizes = 1 prize
  • First prize 5 characters = 1 prize
  • Second prize 5 characters = 2 prizes
  • Third prize 5 characters = 6 prizes
  • Fourth prize 4 characters = 4 prizes
  • Fifth prize 4 characters = 6 prizes
  • Sixth prize 3 characters = 3 prizes
  • Seventh prize 2 characters = 4 prizes

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Laos lottery

The Lao Lottery is jointly operated by the Ministry of National Enterprise Lottery Development and the Lao Ministry of Finance. If you want to bet on the Lao lottery, the development tickets are distributed at a price of 1000 kip or the equivalent of 4 PHP, which is considered very cheap. Playing the Laos Lottery is not as difficult as the underground lotteries in Thailand. Simply use the results of the Development Lottery or the Laos Lottery as the winning number.

How to play the Laos Lottery

The Laos Lottery will be released every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. Thai time with only 4 results. There are also three prizes: 4-digit, 3-digit and 2-digit and SMS prizes, with 110 numbers from the 4-digit prize being used for the 3-digit and 2-digit prizes. The Laos Lottery will carry a 4-digit result and only 3 large numbers and 2 small numbers are allowed to be wagered.

All lottery results are as follows:

  • The first 3 numbers are 324
  • 3 Toad has 5 forms: 324 234 243 432 423
  • The last two digits are 13
  • The bottom 2 digits of the Tod will have 2 forms: 13 31
  • Keep running and there will be 3 patterns, i.e. 3 2 4
  • Running underneath will have 2 forms: 1 3
  • Before you play the Lao lottery, you should learn how to bet properly. The Laos Lottery is very popular in Thailand because it offers more prizes than the Thai Lottery and is popular among lottery fans as it is issued every Wednesday and you can bet on it every week.

Malaysia Lottery

Malaysian lottery is a popular type of lottery, which can be purchased through a modern system by applying for free and earning real money. Here, anyone who wants to buy and play for real money quickly can make a transfer. The service is paid for by the company and there is a lottery. Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, if someone does not want to miss this good investment channel. It is recommended to enter through the VOSLOT website to get a free lucky number.

Malay lottery prize

For the Malaysian lottery, which is called the "almighty" lottery, it will be issued every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, and the results will be announced at around 18:00 Thai time.

  • The first prize is called A1 = 1 prize
  • The second prize is called B1 = 1 prize
  • The third prize is called C1 = 1 prize
  • The 4th place winner is called Special Prize = 10 prizes
  • The 5th place winner is called Consolation Prize = 10 prizes

A new choice of Malay lottery service

Online Malay lottery tickets are available for purchase at ₱120 per set and are available in 6 variants:

  • 4 straight prizes with a payout of ₱90,000
  • 3 Straight jackpot, payout rate ₱30,000
  • 4 Prize Toad, payout rate ₱4,000
  • 3 Jackpot, payout rate ₱3,000
  • 2 jackpots, payout rate ₱1,400
  • 2 jackpots after a payout rate of ₱1,400
  • The system will draw the highest prize in the set. Using this system, you will get a set of 6 numbers worthy of investment or suitable for lottery fans who want to win. Frequent

Besides government lotteries there are also many popular foreign lotteries. One of them is Magnum 4D, a lottery that is released 3 times a week and allows lottery fans in Thailand to play the Malaysian lottery every day.

Ping Pong lottery

Today's popular online lotteries come in many forms to please investors. People like to take more risks. They also focus on investing all day long, and the answer is online lotteries. In the past, it took about 15 days to feel lucky again to play the lottery, also known as "eqi lottery" or "ping pong lottery". With the change of time today, playing the lottery has become much more convenient. As long as internet access makes playing the lottery easy, just press your cell phone or play through your computer.

How do you bet on lottery tickets?

The lottery used is the same as the government lottery or underground lottery, usually betting 2 numbers, 3 numbers at the bottom, some have 2 large numbers and 2 small numbers, the payout rate is 2 numbers and 3 government lottery tickets.

  • Top 3 numbers | Payout rate 950:1
  • 3 bottom numbers | payout rate 150: 1
  • 2 Top Players | Payout Rate 95:1
  • 2 lower numbers | Payout rate 95: 1
  • Payout rate 3.2:1
  • Payout rate 4.2:1

The difference between the betting amount in the lottery is two numbers

  • The minimum bet is ₱1 and the maximum bet is ₱10,000
  • The first three numbers are subject to a minimum bet of ₱1 and a maximum bet of ₱8,000
  • The maximum bet for each number is ₱8,000, the minimum bet for all three numbers is ₱1 and the maximum bet is ₱5,000

In VOSLOT, we have a variety of lottery options and the opportunity to use special prizes to give you the best chance of winning. We have developed a system for all players who like lotteries, so your information will be kept confidential and secure.

Stock lottery

This is a lottery based on SET and SET50 values. The result is determined using the index of the numbers of each round (divided into 2 rounds: AM and PM). set is the small number and unit. Don't know how to play the stock lottery? Today we will take you step by step.

How to bet on stock lotteries

First, you will need to first find information about the start of the stock lottery, such as the ticket, date, time and day. Where can I see the prize results? What is the betting pattern? How do I pay and where do I buy? Because each lottery type has a different draw date, to view the stock lottery results you can see the SET number results and the SET 50 value, the stock results will be awarded daily through Channel 9 MCOT HD.

Stock Lottery Betting Pattern

  • Top 3 | Payout Rate 900:1
  • 3 Big Toad | Payout 130: 1
  • 2 Big Numbers | Payout Ratio 90: 1
  • 2 Lower Numbers | Payout 90: 1
  • Run | Payout rate 3.2:1
  • Payout rate 4.2:1

What types of stock lotteries are there?

Government lottery operators can place bets on the Stock Exchange of Thailand based on the number of shares issued by the stock exchange. Therefore, you can place bets on both the Thai lottery and the global stock market. Nikkei Stock Lottery, Dow Jones Stock Lottery, Egypt Lottery, Singapore Lottery, Russia Stock Lottery, Hang Seng Lottery, Germany Stock Lottery, each country/region will have a number and the results will be released according to the closing time of the country/region's stock market. The high yield underlying stock index and the number of foreign stock market lottery tickets will have different closing prices.